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Department of Sociology is one of the pioneering department in our esteemed V M K S R VASTRAD ARTS SCIENCE AND V S BELLIHAL COMMERCE COLLEGE HUNGUND institute. The department of Sociology was established in the year of 1967. Prof. V. N. Uppin was the principal for a very long period and headed the department. He was responsible for the shifting of the earlier college campus to the today’s new existed campus. Prof. M. R. Ullagaddi, Prof. H. B. Mali, Prof. M. S. Tippashetti, Prof. R. S. Patil, Prof. S. B. Hireshinganagutti, Dr. Lokaraj Doddamani and Prof. R. M. Kulkarni

served the department in the past.

        Eminent professors have rendered their service to this department to raise the quality of education. It has produced excellent academic luminaries who have made their names in the field of Sociology at State and National level. Under the valuable guidance and dedicated services of these intellectuals a number of students have acquired profound knowledge and secured B.A degree with Distinction.


 The Sociology department will be a self-benchmark of academic excellence disseminating and advancing knowledge in globalized world. To enliven the teaching of Sociology by making it oriented to existential and social reading and build a society of sustainability, equality and quality.


To make students to critically understand and interpret social reality.

To develop multi – disciplinary skills among students.

To enhance the social sensitivity and sensibility of the students.

To acquire skills that will be useful to students in their personal and professional life.

To encouraging research and development of sociological knowledge.

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Prof. M. R. Ullagaddi



Prof. H. B. Mali



Prof. M. S. Tippashetti



Prof. R. S. Patil



Prof. S. B. Shinganagutti



Dr. Lokaraj Doddamani

M.A, Ph.D


Prof. R. M. Kulakarni



Mr. Veerappa Rayar

M.A., B.Ed.

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Mr. Veerappa Rayar

M.A., B.Ed.


Assistant Professor and Head

  1. 'National level e-Quiz on Sociology' conducted by department of Sociology on 22 July to 23 August 2020. 4214 participants were participated in this e-Quiz. Faculty members, research scholars and students have taken part in the e-Quiz.

  2.  'National level webinar on Don't Cry Over Lost Relationships' organised by department of Sociology on 04 September 2020. 2173 participants were participated in this webinar. Faculty members, research scholars and students have taken part in the national level webinar.

  3.   “Emphasis on Organic Farming : Awareness” Organized by Department of Sociology on 10-01-2022 Sociology optional students   NSS students and Scout and Guides students have taken part in the awareness programme. Through  students and Professors created awareness about organic farming  to Amaravati  farmers. 

On successful completion of this program, students would be able to:

 The sociological knowledge provides students scientific outlooks and attitudes to understand the human behavior, social issues and phenomena.

Acquiring sociological knowledge in the forms of theories and methods would make students good social scientists.

The sociological knowledge would help to make students, critical and logical.

After studying this course, students would be also able to qualify the UPSC, KPSC and other examination of Social Welfare Departments.

Students would be able to get employment opportunities in the Teaching, Research and NGOs and Private sectors.


 Programme Specific Outcomes (PSO’s)


The Under Graduate Programme in Sociology is designed to provide advanced sociological knowledge, perspectives and skills to wide cross sections of the learners.

The major aim of this pattern is to provide opportunities to the students going beyond the boundaries of their own discipline and think over the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches and students have choice to select different types of electives as per his or her choice.

Thus, this course is designed to provide basic and advanced theoretical as well as methodological knowledge of sociology for application.

This course has also aim to enhance the skills, capabilities and employment opportunities of the students. This course is designed such way which makes the students able to apply sociological knowledge in the different fields such as; teaching, research, NGOs, Public Policies, social sectors and developmental sectors.

Thus, this course has not only to provide employment opportunities to the students but also to make them rational, logical and critical. The aim of this programme is not only theoretically oriented to the students alone, but also make them able to analyze the social reality by using scientific knowledge of sociology to analyze the social issues with different theoretical and methodological perspectives.

Thus, this course has aim to make student rational, logical and critical about the social events and contemporary issues and to enhance the skills and capabilities of the students.


Course Outcomes (CO’s)


This course is designed such way that offers multiple opportunities to the learners. After completion of this course, student would get job opportunities in the fields of teachings, research, NGOs, corporate sectors and Governmental sectors.

This course also helps students to qualify Competitive Exams such as KPSC/UPSC/Social Welfare Departments and others etc.

This course has also relevance in the field of production of knowledge about the human behavior, social issues and phenomena.

This production of knowledge would be helpful to the policy makers, developmental organizations, researchers, social activist and social scientists.

This course makes differentiate between common sense knowledge and sociological knowledge and this course provides scientific vocabulary, terms, concepts, methods and perspectives in accessing the social issues, events and problems.

The sociological knowledge would be useful in the social engineering and social reconstruction of the social structure. The sociology not only provides employment opportunities alone, but also makes the students rational, critical and logical.

The department has total number of 3196 books and 7 useful journals. The annual budget for purchasing the books is Rs. 2000.

The staff and the students are provided with computers and Internet facilities.


 Modern teaching methods practiced:

The modern teaching methods are practiced in the department. ICT facilities are used in teaching & learning process. CD’s, cassettes, slides, TV, etc… are used as teaching aids. They are used to enrich the knowledge of students. Debates, group discussions and seminars are conducted on the subjects like AIDS, EDUCATION and CORRUPTION.

Assistant Professor and Head
Department of Sociology
V.M.K.S.R.Vastrad Arts, Science
& V.S.Bellihal Commerce College
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