Winning team(Karnataka university inter-
college, tournament cum selection trials.)
  OUr college Kabaddi Team
Our college Kabaddi & Kho-Kho team   Kho-Kho Tournament
Our college Kho-Kho team   Voliboll Event
Our Staff helping the rain affected
village on 6-10-2009
  NCC Cadets arranging a cycle
expedition on 12-12-2008
NCC cadets helping the rain affected
village hiremalagavi on 15-10-2009
  Flag hosting on 15-08-2009
NSS students working at adopted
village Karadi
  NSS students helping the people of flood
affected village Hiremalagavi on 16-10-2009
Health checking programme
on 19-04-2008
  Pratibha puraskar ceremany on 7-3-09.
Hon, Justice H.N. Nagamohanadas Delivered
a lecture on Indian constitution on 2-9-2007.
  Pratibha puraskar samarambha on 8-3-2008.
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