Equal emphasis is given to co-curricular activities such as sports, debate, cultural activities for overall development of students’ personality.
Our college has a union comprising of nine forums. The principal is the president of our college union and a staff member nominated by the principal is its chairman. There are nine forums in our college union each forum has its own convener, who is nominated by the principal. A student representative works as its secretary on the basis of their merit in previous examination.
Various forums of the union organize guest lectures from eminent personalities, quiz, debate, literary competitions, sports and cultural activities. Further the union conducts work-shops, seminars, entrepreneurship programmes, Group discussion,  career guidance and personality development programmes…..etc.
The miscellany department publishes college annual magazine every year to publish students’ articles. This magazine draws out the hidden talents and creativity of the students.

Student Welfare Officer(SWO)

There is a Student Welfare Officer in the college to guide the students and to attend their grievances. staff member is nominated for this cell as a convener Shri. S.B.Chalageri.



There is a Career Guidance and Placement cell and a staff member is     nominated for this cell as a convener. Prof. S.A.Meti is working as placement cell officer.



To eradicate illiteracy and to develop awareness about social equality and constitutional provisions among women. There is a Women Empowerment Cell in our college. A women staff member is nominated as the convener of this cell. Prof, Smt.S.K.Math is working as convener of women empowerment cell.


Dr. Tippeswamy D.S. is working as a convener of SC/ST Cell.



In accordance with UGC Regulation our institution has constituted various committees of anti Ragging cell. This is essential for the security off the students particularly.
     The various committees working under anti Ragging cell are as below _

Anti Ragging Committee :


Name of Person


Mobile No


Dr(Smt) S.K.Math




Smt.S.R.Naik. Lady Police Inspector




Smt. Shanta. S. Kudlappanavar Director Akka Mahadevi Mahila Co-op Society,




Dr(Smt) S.B.Amalikoppa




Miss. V.A.kandagall




Miss. V.C.Hiremani




Smt. M.S.Bagalkot. S.D.A



08 Smt. Basamma Palled S.D.A Member 8050882364


Smt. D. R. Pattar Attender




The college has a spacious independent building. It consists of 32,896 stock of books. It is also well-equipped with periodicals, news-papers, dictionaries, encyclopedia and career guidance literature.
Timing- The library is kept open from 9am to 5pm on all working days. There is a library committee which guides the librarian. The rules and regulations to be followed by the students can be had from the librarian.

The librarian is issuing books through computer

Library Advisory Committee:
  • Prin B. M. Chalawadi. Chairman
  • Prof, R.P Kathari. Member
  • Prof, B.B. Kadli. Member
  • Prof(smt) S. K. Mathi. Member
  • Prof S.R. Golagond. Member
  • Prof R.P. Mahendrakar. Member
  • Shri, S.S. Kudleppanavar. Secretary

Sl.No Books Number/Cost
01 Total Number of books 42907/31,63,645/-
02 Reference Books 926/32,530/-
03 Journals and Periodical 58/10,500/-
04 Encyclopedia 117/51,200/-

The college has a spacious play ground where facilities for many outdoor sports like track and field events, cricket, kho-kho, kabaddi, Ball-badminton, Volley-ball, and Tenni-koit or provided. It is a matter of pride to state that many outstanding sportsmen of our college have repress- -ented at University, State and National level competitions.
Our students bagged 83 University blues since the establishment of our college.

There is a well equipped gymnasium with modern equipments. The students are taking maximum advantage from the gymnasium.


The college has two hostels for boys and girls separately. There are situated in a very cool, serene and salubrious atmosphere. Economically weaker students are benefited in the hostel. The wardens look after these hostels.

Our NCC unit aims at developing qualities of character, courage, discipline, leadership, secular outlook and spirit of adventure. Our 4/37 ‘A’ coy NCC is looking forward young men and women to join NCC. Lt. S.R.Golagond is working as an associate NCC Officer and Shri S.B.Chalageri is working as a caretaker for NCC Unit. Our unit as 53 cadets at present. Now Prof. S.B.Chalageri is working as an associate NCC officer.


Our NSS unit runs under the guidance of experienced NSS officer an          d to inculcate activity of selfless social   service and to motivate them for social progress are main mottos of NSS. It also contributes towards the integral development of the students. Many constructive works like construction of roads, planting trees, creating soaking pits, health-check-up camp, and survey of water conservation are carried out. Prof. L.N.Kulkarni is working as NSS officer. Our wing has 100 volunteers.


The Youth Red cross Unit was established in our College in 2012-13. Prof S.R.Nagannavar is working as the coordinator for boys wing. Prof.(Smt) S.B.Amalikoppa is working as the coordinator  of ladies wing.


We have established Heritage Club in our college in 2010-11 Prof. S.R.Nagannavar is its convener. Awareness Jathas about heritage and special lectures are held every year.  


Many Scholarships were provided to the meritorious students of our college
A) By Government-
Students can avail of the benefit of various state and central government scholarships
They are as follows

  • National Merit Scholarship
  • State Post Metric Scholarship for other backward classes
  • Govt of India Post Metric Scholarship for SC & ST
  • Scholarship for the Children of Ex-servicemen
  • Scholarship for the Children of the Teachers
  • Govt of India Scholarships for the benefit of non-hindi speaking students
  • Physically Handicapped Scholarship
  • Govt Scholarship for the study of languages
  • Zindal Scholarship
  • Sanchi-Honnamma Scholarship

B) Scholarships Instituted by local donors
Many well-wishers of our institution have instituted cash-prizes, scholarships, Rolling shields to encourage the students in curricular and co-curricular activities. They are as follows-

  • Shri Shivasangappa Siddappa Kadapatti Scholarship
  • Shri Gurubasavarya Math Guruji Scholarship
  • Smt Basamma Basayya Savalagimath
  • Dr Panchakshari Hiremath Scholarship
  • Smt Laxmibai Narayanarao Khatavkar Scholarship
  • Smt Basamma Kanthi Scholarship
  • Smt Akkamma Mudgal Scholarship
  • Shri Raghavendra Mudgal Scholarship
  • shri H. Tejappa and Shri S.S. Mataladinni Scholarship
  • Shri M.G Ilkal Scholarship
  • Shri Danamma Channaveerappa Honawad Scholarship
  • Miss Mallamma Bellihal Scholarship
  • Shri Veeranna B. Jamakhandi Scholarship
  • Smt Gangamma B. Akki Scholarship
  • Shri V. C. Chatter Scholarship
  • Shri Vinod Krishnarao Kulkarni Scholarship
  • Shri Shankrappa S. Bellihal Scholarship
  • Shri Doddabasu G. Wadawadagi Scholarship
  • Shri Mahadevamma Sangappa Nagaral Scholarship
  • Shri S.R.Kadiwal Scholarship
  • Smt Yallamma M. Chalawadi Scholarship

Increase in the Infrastructure:

  • 44 computers were purchased
  • Instruments for research and analytic purpose include
    • 6 Computers in Browsing Center
    • HP photo smart printer (2)
    • Epson dot matrix printer (02)
    • Refrigerator (02)
    • Olympus research microscope with digital camera-01
    • Oven-02
    • Digital balance-29
    • LCD- (02)
    • LCD TV- (02)
    • OHP- (04)
    • Smart Boards – 04
    • Digital Blue print -01
    • Xerox - 02

Financial Aid to students:
Financial aid is given in the form of scholarships to the students who have got the highest marks in the particular subject or degree. The government scholarships and financial assistance are distributed to the categories of weaker section. Fee facility is provided to the economically backward students by the alumni of our college.

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